Canon MG3500 Series troubleshooting


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Canon MG3500 Series troubleshooting

Canon MG 3500 series have been the dominated series among the rest of the canon printers with the distinctive specifications that include user-friendly Interface, optimal printing resolutiongood storage environment, and the friendly operating environment. 



  • Printing does not start- If this issue occurs then make sure that the plug has correctly plugged in. Turn the switch ON. If the button “ON” is flashing then wait until it stops flashing. Another thing that you could perform is to check the USB cable connected to your computer. If you are using relay device like USB hub, then disconnect it and try without connecting it. Sometimes, printing files of large data cause the printer to delay starting. 

  • Ink is not ejected- Check if the FINE cartridge has been installed correctly. Open the page output cover; push the ink cartridge lock lever; check for the installation of the FINE cartridge. After confirming that FINE cartridge has been installed correctly, close the page output cover. If the method does not work then remove the FINE cartridge and install it again or you might contact Canon tech support to resolve this issue. 

  • Paper jammed- when a paper is jammed, the alarm reflects orange light on the computer connected to the printer. 

  • ScanGear does not start- Make sure that MP drivers are installed. If they are not installed then install them from setting up CD-ROM or web home page. Select a scanner or printer from the application menu. If scanner or printer appears multiple times then select the one that does not include WIA. Make sure that the application supports TWAIN. You could not start ScanGear with application not supporting TWAIN. 

  • Unable to scan properly with the auto scan- If the papers are not placed properly then this problem might inflict a serious problem while scanning. Many applications do not support multiple scanning so, you would have to scan individually. 

  • Scan image does not open- it happens when the data format is not supported with the application. Scan the image again with the supported format like JPEG. If you still find this problem prevailing then refer Canon printer phone number. 

  • Not enough memoryExit the other applications or reduce the resolution or the output size, try to scan again. 

  • A scanner is not workingSwitch on the printer; remove USB from USB hub; connect USB to a different port of your laptop/PC; restart your PC. 

For any issue related to Canon Printer contact at our Canon Support Number or visit Canon Customer Service Center