Issues Related With Dell Tablets

Dell Support

Tablets are mostly used by people as it is comfortable to carry anywhere than carrying laptops. But some issues are faced by people using Dell Tablets. This post contains the most common issues with their fixes.  


Dell Inc. is the largest seller of tablets in today’s world and giving a tough competition to its competitors which are Lenovo, Apple, Samsung and Hewlett-Packard (HP). In the year 2016, Dell was the largest seller of the tablet. Currently, it is the third largest employer in Texas. 

Many people buy a Dell tablet without thinking too much because of its popularity in the technology market. Their trust in this brand is due to Dell excellent customer service. They are available all the time for providing a customer the assistance.  

This post of mine contains some common issues related to the Dell Tablets along with its solutions.  

1.    Resetting your Dell tablet 

•    Press the power-on button for booting into the Droidboot menu. The3n quickly press the volume down button.  

•    Hold both the button until a Dell logo appears. Then you can release the both buttons.  

•    For entering into the menu option, keep the volume down button pressed.  


2.    How to turn on my Dell Tablet Pro? 

For turning on your Dell Pro Tablet, press and hold the power button which is located on the right-hand side of the tablet for two to five seconds. 

Please keep in your mind that you may require charging your Dell Pro Tablet before using it.  

Our Dell support team is available all the time for providing all type of technical assistance and providing you the result oriented solutions. Just visit the Dell Customer Care 


3.    How to unlock my Dell tablet? 

•    First, make sure your tablet is turned off.  

•    Hold your Volume + button along with Power button at the same time.  

•    Release the Power button when the screen comes.  

•    When your Android appears on the screen, release your Volume + button.  

•    For factory resetting your tablet or for wiping Data, use the Volume – button.  


4.    How to reset Dell Streak 7? 

•    Change your PC settings at the bottom of your screen after swiping from the right on your screen.  

•    Under your PC settings in your Tablet, click the Update and Recovery option for recovery. 

•    It will automatically update your Dell Streak 7 tablet.  

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